Who we are

"MI Services provides inspectors to support in quality assurance, manufacturing surveillance in general as well as expediting. To ensure high quality services, we have a built a team of highly competent senior inspectors."

Our senior inspectors’ key roles can fit in anywhere into our clients manufacturing and quality process. For all of us, our experience started in a factory where we worked within various disciplines, and after 20-30 years with genuine interest and curiosity to the products, we grew our competence and qualifications to become multi-discipline inspectors and technical specialists.


Well on-board MI Services, all inspectors are supported by each other and with a consistent management behind. We develop ourselves every day by discussing and sharing lessons learnt in our different assignments. All of us are ready for any challenge in a growing market that we aim to grow along with.


Our Mission

Support our clients suppliers to deliver high quality products on time, in compliance with specifications and project documentation.

Our Goal

Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best supplier of quality personnel, despite your company need an inspector for one day or for one year.

Want to work with us?

When working in MI Services, you are dedicated to work with full attention to maintain high quality of our clients products every day and on every assignment whatever the challenge is. We never make a punch list and leave, we are pro-active and and strive to contribute to obtain solutions whenever possible.